I am Richard Browning, a Software Engineer from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I consider myself to be a very hardworking, committed individual, with many key skills that are suited to both team and solo projects. I work well within a team or as a leader and continually meet required deadlines for any projects. These team situations have greatly improved my communication skills that include being able to put forward my own ideas but also listening to others to resolve tough situations.


NantHealth, Senior Software Engineer

05/2015 - current

I work on the UI Framework that the NaviNet Open platform uses to help create its Web UI. I have worked on the framework itself, creating and updating components as well as helping teams use the framework both in Belfast and Boston. I got to take part in a NantHealth UI summit in Dallas which involved UI developers from all over NantHealth meeting to discuss current and future technologies. I have also tried to spread the love for JavaScript by presenting talks on best practices and on the Web Component standards that are coming through. I was also given the opportunity to co-host our Off The Grid 2016 event which gives developers the chance to take 2 days and hack something together.

Currently we are looking to update our UI Framework technology and have recently decided to use Polymer as the basis for our framework.

HP Autonomy, Software Designer

07/2012 - 04/2015

I began working on the web interface for a new Legacy Data Analysis product, written using MVC and Web API on the server, Typescript, Knockout.JS and D3.js on the client. In this project I was responsible for implementing large parts of the UI as well as getting to work on features that spanned the entire stack of the product.

Off the back of working on this UI I was chosen to lead a new project in HP Software which would be responsible for consolidating and implementing UI Design patterns to be used across multiple teams. We use LESS for styling and have created an Angular module distributed via a Bower package, filled with directives and other modules that teams can consume. This project is a fantastic experience, I get to collaborate with a range of developers and build a community around this project, bringing many teams together and creating a space to communicate.

As well as working on this project I have also been asked to lead another UI team to create a UI on top of a new cloud API that is being created in our office. This gives me the opportunity to dog food the work from my other project and push feedback straight into it. This UI is written in Tyescript, Angular and LESS using Grunt to build it.

First Derivatives, Software Engineer

08/2011 - 07/2012

I worked on the database for their flagship product Delta Control, which is developed solely using Q, a KX language used for handling large amounts of time sequence data.

Microsoft, Intern SDE

06/2009 – 06/2010

I was part of a dynamic team that helped develop a localization website that received an honourable mention in 2010 Engineering Excellence awards inside Microsoft. We used the ASP.NET framework to create our web application together with console and toolbar components. We had a SQL Server for the back end, which we all developed stored procedures for. Client side we used AJAX, jQuery and Telerik library to create our interface for the web application.

Infosys Ltd, Intern

06/2011 – 08/2011

I worked on a research project for a performance testing team in Pune, India. I was responsible for gathering useful information and creating a wiki that the team could use in the future.

Queen’s University Belfast, Java Demonstrator

09/2010- 06/2011

I was responsible for mentoring a group of first year students through their Java practicals. This experience helped me improve my knowledge transfer skills which has proven to be extremely useful when working in teams.


Technical Skills

I consider myself a web developer and I have developed my technical skills accordingly. I love Javascript, it seems almost anything can be written using it. I have experience in different libraries such as Polymer, Knockout.JS, Angular and jQuery but I am always willing to try something new. I have experience with the LESS CSS preprocessor as well as Grunt and Gulp for building projects. I have used Typescript extensively to provide type safety through out larger applications. I always keep up to date with the latest web technologies and try to integrate them into projects where applicable.

I have gained experience developing C# applications ranging from command line interfaces, games to cloud hosted websites in the Azure cloud. Most projects I have been a part of have used SQL Server for data storage.

Source control has always been used on projects I have worked on, so I have experience and knowledge in using Git, Perforce, Subversion and Source Depot.

At HP Autonomy I was fortunate enough to receive Agile training and was Scrum Master on a project. I also try to write DRY code and always follow YAGNI which I feel is critical as over engineering is a huge issue on most projects.

Outside Work

I have recently taken up mountain biking in my spare time and I am really enjoying getting to explore the great trails that have been recently created through out Northern Ireland. I am also a keen Ulster Rugby fan, having played rugby at school and local club level at Antrim Rugby Club, and I regularly attend Ulster matches at the Kingspan Stadium, it’s a great way to spend a Friday night!


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